About District

After the conquest  in   1803    the   district  was     attached   to Moradabad.  In August  1804   the area  comprising the present district  of Muzaffarnagar was assigned   to  Saharanpur,    which then extended  from   the Siwalik hills  as far south as the northern parganas of Bulandshahr,   then  a  portion  of Aligarh.  For the  first two  years  part   of   the  district  was   administered by  the   Resident  at  Dehli until 1806, when the unwieldy  tract  was divided into a   northern   and   southern charge under Collectors stationed   at   Saharanpur and Meerut.    It was not till 1824 that   the   present   district   was formed by   creating a Sub-Collectorship at   Muzaffarnagar,   with    revenue  jurisdiction over the  parganas   of  Muzaffarnagar,   Baghra,   Shamli, Bidauli, Jhin-jhana,   Charthawal,   Khatauli,    Jauli, Pur Chhapar, Gordhanpur, Bhukarheri,   Jansath, Shoron,  and Lalokheri.    Mr. W. Dundas was   the    first  Sub-Collector,   and  he was succeeded in 1826 by Mr.  Franco,     during   whose   administration   the    Sub-Collector-ship was  converted into a    regular district, and   further changes took   place   which  reduced   the  Saharanpur   district    proper  to only  twenty-five    parganas.  

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