काल करें–पुलिस सहायता–100, फायर ब्रिगेड–101 एम्बुलेन्स–108,महिला हेल्पलाईन–1090,राष्ट्रीय स्वास्थ बीमा योजना हेतु टोल फ्री नम्बर– 1800–1800–4444,मनरेगा रोजगार मांग, शिकायत व जानकारी हेतु टोल फ्री नम्बर 1800–180–5999


Famous Shiv statue of SHIV CHOWK in the heart of the city.

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bhoron.jpg (36395 bytes)

BOHARON  ka Mandir (City)

SHUKARTAL: This is very famous hindu holy place  situated at 30 Km from district headquarter on the bank of GANGA. It is said that at this place only Maharishi Sukdev Ji narrated the Bhagvadgeeta before Raja Parikshat, son of Abnhimanu and grandson of ARHUNA. A temle was built near the VAT VRIKSH under which Sukdev ji narrated the story.


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,shukra1.jpg (46641 bytes)

Inside view of SUKDEV temple. Raja Pariskshat listening Bahagwad geeta from Maharishi Sukdev ji.

35 ft heigh statue of GANESH JI at Ganeshdham (Sukartaal).

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72 ft heigh statue of HANUMAN JI at Hanumatdham(Shukartaal).


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BAHU KI MAZAR (Sadat Hostel) : where wife of Saiyed Munawwar Laskar Khan  was cremated.

Bagula Mukhi Devi Statue - SUKARTAAL

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